Sunday, 1 February 2015

Aussie Curves: Activewear

I have recently joined the gym...  

Before I started Pilates back in late 2013 I didn't own any sort of workout wear, I was living in London for a long time before moving back to Australia so my exercise was walking everywhere so entering into the world of plus size workout wear was kind of scary and unfamiliar, I wanted something that fitted well and was fashionable, that I soon discovered wasn't overly easy to come by.  So my research began and here is what I found in plus size workout brands, ain't no Lorna Jane around here. 

I ordered two pairs of workout pants from Female For Life a few weeks ago during their sale "buy one get one free" and they arrived in super speed time and I was definitely impressed.  The fabric is lovely and soft with great stretch and they stay put when working out, the only downfall would be that I would prefer them a little higher in the waist but that is also me I like to wear all trousers to at least my belly button.  The animal print are a little see through but hey when your sweating like a pig who really cares.  

I did have fun taking these pictures! Moving on...

ONE active by Michelle Bridges at Big W have a limited range of plus sizes from what I have seen in store it is one or two pieces in pants and tops but I have purchased a 3/4 pair for Pilates and they are very comfortable and a good quality fabric and will do me good for spin class.  

Best & Less also have a range but I find they sell out reasonably quick in their larger sizes, I have purchased 3/4 and full length workout pants from there, they were a great price but aren't very hard wearing in the crouch or waistband.  But they do have large sized sports bras which seem to do the job, I don't run but are comfortable whilst working out. 

Running Bare have a limited plus size range also a few pairs of pants and some tops, I purchased a t-shirt from a local retailer last week and it does the job, basically just a tee with their logo written on it.

Old Navy in America have a large range of plus size workout clothes, in fact a lot of stores in the US have plus sizes which is a bummer due to shipping costs.  I took advantage of Auspost Shop Mate's discount during the festive season and placed and order for compression leggings, the fabric is thick and they are hard to get on but ultimately still comfortable to workout in. 

When it comes to workout tops I am more comfortable working out in an oversize t-shirt then something skin tight and sleeveless so these I get anywhere from Kmart to ASOS and spend very little money on!  I am definitely not a shorts person I cannot deal with shorts riding up whilst listening to Shake it Off.

These are the brands that I have tried, I know there are others out there like TS14+ and Curvy Chic Sports but I am yet to try these.

Have you found any other places in Australia that sell plus size workout wear?  Have you tried any of these? 

x A


  1. I love these photos! They look like you are having so much fun! And i love those workout leggings you have! Who ever thought that workout pants could be so much fun!

    1. Haha I know, I never even knew working out could be fun, I wish I had of gotten even more pairs whilst they were on sale! x

  2. Those leggings are fantastic! I started pilates late last year and am loving it :-)

    1. Its fab isn't it, you don't realise how hard it us until you start it, such a good workout :)