Sunday, 16 November 2014

MYNT 1792

Last week I had the pleasure of viewing the range from new plus size retailer to Australia MYNT 1792.  MYNT 1792 is an established plus size label in the US and are currently making their way into the Australian market, they have been selling on The Iconic but three weeks ago they launched their own official Australian website.  

Quote taken from MYNT 1792 website
"MYNT 1792 combines downtown trend with uptown sophistication, achieving the perfect balance between street chic and wear to work styling. Every garment is fit to compliment a woman’s figure allowing her to feel comfortable, confident and sexy."

As with most online shopping websites it is extremely hard to judge what a garment is going to look or feel like when it arrives, I guess that is sort of the beauty of online shopping as well it's always a surprise so I was very interested and excited to get over to Richmond and see the collection for myself before taking the plunge and purchasing. 

Before my sneak peak I had scrolled through their online US store and a few pieces really stood out to me.  The first thing I noticed was their range is really diverse, I believe they appeal to all dress styles and ages, some pieces didn't appeal to me at all but then others really stood out which I think is hard to come by in a plus size retailer, they usually have one demographic they like to target. 

I totally swooned over this faux leather sleeveless top and some culottes (yes I am totally on board with that trend), their range I would say is key wardrobe pieces, peplums, print blouses, tailored vests and precision cut trousers. 

Their faux leather feels like real leather and the suede is like butter to touch, I was really impressed with the way the blouses were made and the attention to detail in the pleats in the trousers and skirts, every single garment has been made using the best fabrics.  

Sizing is US based to remember to drop two sizes when converting to AU, largest AU size is 30 (US 26) which is quiet hard to come by in Australia.  

Expect to get what you pay for with MYNT, their prices reflect the quality of their garments and I wouldn't say they are any more expensive than any other plus size retailer in the Australian market at the moment, very much the same price range as City Chic and Dream Diva. 

Pop over and have a look at their website, if you sign up you can get 20% off your first order.  The current collection at the moment is spring and their summer drop will be anytime in the next few weeks. 

What do you think of their range?  What would you purchase? 

x A 

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