Sunday, 27 April 2014

Aussie Curves: Hipster

It has been awhile, a long while in fact I haven't done an outfit post since before I was pregnant, thinking back it was hot weather and now I am sitting here with the heating on in my slippers, the Curvy Couture Roadshow has come and gone and I had my 1 year blog anniversary! 

So here I am back with a quick post, I have lots of hipster outfit choices but am limited to what fits these days but either way I couldn't go past a pair of Gorman socks and my TV watching glasses. 

Skirt:  ASOS Curve

I love this cardigan, it is that weird fluffy material and its in lots of different stores at the moment for winter, it has great stretch in it and is very warm.  I cracked out my lily whites with an ASOS Curve pencil skirt which I had forgotten about at the back of the cupboard, still as comfy as I remembered. 

Most of my friends know I have a thing with socks usually the frilled type but do own a few pairs of outrageous Gorman socks and wish I had the cuts to wear them with like the shop employees do.  Last week I was on a boot find, not knowing exactly what I wanted but found the most amazing pair of patent ankle point boots from ZU, unfortunately you can't really see them in my pictures but they are currently on sale and can be seen properly on my Instagram. 

I had fun joining in again and hope to get my grove back soon enough. 

x A 


  1. That cardi looks super comfy! Love the outfit!

  2. Love this outfit, and the fluffy pink cardi. Looks very 90's, in the best possible way!

  3. I have that skirt, SO comfy. Looking good lady. Love the boots.