Sunday, 9 February 2014

Aussie Curves: Activewear

This week I am cheating and using photos from January when I did a sportswear post but hey nothing has changed since then except an new pair of awesome kicks I bought but they are too precious to actually use for exercise! 

My activewear is worn to do my weekly pilates class during my work lunch break as I don't have time for anything else, I do have to get in the pool on a Saturday morning for my son's swimming lessons but that doesn't count!  I love this Bonds tee its fun and comfy and the work out pants are great, I highly recommend them and cannot wait for Michelle Bridges to release a new plus size range at Big W. 

Top:  Bonds Plus
Workout Pants:  Once Active Michelle Bridges
Trainers:  Nike

And the icing on the cake... these all pink Air Max numbers, only worn for comfort! 

Where do you buy your plus size activewear from?  

x A 


  1. Replies
    1. I know right, if I could wear them to work I totally would! x

  2. Woot woo! LOVE those sneakers.

    And me, I buy mine from Virtu mostly. I added some Mix sports bras to put OVER my other bra but I'm ashamed of admitting that given their horrible track record for unsafe and unfair treatment of the workers that make them. The simple fact is there just aren't that many places out there that make them to fit a 22E.

    1. I am not one for sports bras, I just find them so uncomfortable, I just stick with my normal everyday bra, having said that I don't play netball like I used to could be dangerous these days! x