Friday, 10 January 2014

Weekly Top 5 #18

Weekly Top 5 #18

Welcome back to my weekly top 5, its been awhile and I do apologise, I have been caught up in the hype of all the sales and managed to nab myself more than 1 bargain, you know me I love a good bargain and can never say no! 

  1. Man Repeller novel from Booktopia - $19.95.  I haven't read a book in years Fifty Shades of Grey is still sitting on my shelf unopened. I can't put this down, Leandra is fantastic, check out her blog to find out more about her and her love of fashion. 
  2. Alexa Chung for Eyeko set - $54.95.  Alexa Chung is gorgeous and so effortlessly, now you get get her look at Kit Cosmetics with her eye kit, create her cat eye look in minutes with this set. 
  3. Star-Kissed flats from Wittner - $139.95.  Ok they don't look that great on paper but today in store I saw a woman try these on, they look fantastic, totally timeless.
  4. Fashionista Leggings from Female for Life - $103.99.  Starting Pilates has opened new clothing shopping doors and I LOVE these leggings for Pilates, they actually make me want to work out more, this week anyway...
  5. Homemade Honey Buns from Philosophy - $30.  Purchase just before Christmas these smell so yummy, I can't even describe the smell but it makes you very hungry and want to eat the body lotion, all Philosophy skin care is great and their scents are to die for, find them at David Jones and speciality stores like Mecca Maxima. 
Now tell me what did you get in the sales?  I can't wait to show off all my fantastic buys! 

x A 


  1. Hi,
    I have just found your blog. I'm going to read through some of the old posts and then comment. I was directed from daminezza blog where you talk about your legs which I can completely relate too as I have spider veins on mine and feel so self conscious.

    1. Yes please read Vanessa, have a look at my vulnerable post in September, I have been getting laser hair removal now at The Skin Boutique Australia for some months and I cannot recommend it enough, I know they also do vein removal also x