Sunday, 22 December 2013

Aussie Curves: Resort

Like most people I would love to be at a resort right now, I am dreaming of Bali or Thailand, somewhere where breakfast is made for you, your washing is done and there is a kids club.  

I am however lucky enough to be going to Lorne, Victoria for 4 nights after Christmas so to me that is good enough and as close as I will be to a resort for a good few years and boy am I prepared for some relaxation!    

Sunglasses: Prada
Kaftan below:  Target MODA

I love my new Supre Boho Cape, they come in various colours and patterns and have been seeing them all over shopping centres and the blogsphere, including Danimezza.  I wore mine to the work the other day and its superb for summer. 

I rarely get to spend much time by a pool as I am always in the pool every Saturday with swimming lessons for my son, this one piece has been fantastic, if you haven't tried Funkita they are an Australian company who do amazing swimsuits and have a plus size range, I have worn these in the chlorine pool week in and week out and they still look as great as when I got them and would you believe the 20 year old swimming teacher even owns the same pattern in a bikini, that made me feel a little bit cool. 

So this summer with a new found confidence and armed with my new swimsuits, kaftan's, sunglasses and hats I plan on getting some Vitamin D and maybe even my feet wet in the ocean. 

Have you got any Christmas holidays planned? 

x A


  1. Ooooo, great cossie! Enjoy the beach, you look fab.

    1. Thanks Melissa, it is a great swimsuit, I am looking forward to getting it wet in the surf!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you it is something a bit different for me x