Sunday, 13 October 2013

What is BeauCoo? Pics on Someone Your Own Size!

Being relatively new to the blogging world I am still not overly confident posting pictures of myself on the internet, taking a sneaky selfie at my desk at work or posing in front of the camera while no one is watching.  As the months have gone by though I have really developed my own style and feel fantastic in my own skin, I feel happy and sexy and I think that is beginning to show in my photographs, I feel positive about my body.

For those who haven't already caught on to the body positive #BoPo movement I want to introduce to you BeauCoo, a private body positive and inspiring community of like minded women showing off their style.  It is somewhere you won't ever be afraid to post a selfie as that ladies is the whole idea!

How do you become a part of this fabulously dressed network of women?

  1. Download the app for FREE which is currently available on iPhone and Android or visit the website 
  2. Sign up.
  3. Snap a selfie in your fav new outfit, then snap some more!
  4. Share your looks on BeauCoo and be sure tell us all where you got it from and write a comment telling us the cut, the fit or the fabric. 
  5. Sit back and browse away at everyone's own style and outfits and join in liking, wanting and commenting.

You can navigate your way around with your eyes closed so sit down make a cuppa and have a play around. Check out your activity by pressing the chat button and see who has liked your pictures or started following you or even made a comment on your outfit.

This video gives you an introduction to BeauCoo if you are still not quite sure how it works.

BeauCoo and the meaning of #BoPo video is another great one to watch and meet Victoria the founder of BeauCoo talk about what #BoPo means and why she created this genius platform for women.

The thing I love the most about BeauCoo is that it has the ability to match you with others the same shape and size as you.  Just simply enter in your dimensions on your profile page (these details are kept private) and on the home screen your will see a pink tape measure on the pictures of others with the same measurements! So if you see something you like you can easily find out where she got it from, brilliant!

Did I mention that Beaucoo isn't just for curvy women, it is for EVERY shape and size so tell your best friend, your sister and your mother and join in.  It doesn't matter what you look like you are guaranteed to find someone else to steal inspiration from.

This week some of the Aussie Curves girls Caitlin from Closet Confessions and Katie from SpijkerKat's Closet were named in the BeauCoo most inspiring looks email that landed in my inbox and all they did was upload their picture and people liked it, how cool!

You can also share in BeauCoo's body positive message by using #BoPo when tweeting or uploading to Instagram.

Here is where you can find me if you want to join in the ultimate shopping enabler app.

Remember BeauCoo is free and is currently available at the App Store and Google Play depending on your device.

Hope to see you soon.

x A


  1. Great post :) thanks for featuring me!
    I think that there are a few cms either side of your measurements for the fit match guidelines - which is great, as even more people you can match up to!

    1. Yes I agree with you Katie, I love you can search everyone though and not just your measurements, after all we all love a good stare don't we? You featured again this week as well in the BeauCoo email, go you! x