Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Giddy Up - Spring Racing Fashion

Ahhh Spring Racing, to some it means an old dry-cleaned suit and lots of betting money but to me and lots of other women it means a whole lot of glamour, excitement and preparation!

All of the build up leads to the one day all Australian’s wait for, that first public holiday since June, the Melbourne Cup.

Fashions on the Field can be a nasty competition, and that isn’t the actual competition itself just the general admission.  All women want to look their best and survive the entire day in their heels.
The dying question is do you base your dress around your fascinator or do you base your fascinator around your dress?  First world problems….

It has been a long time since I frocked up for the races, last big race meet was Royal Ascot in 2009, a lot of things have changed since then including my clothing budget.  This year I am lucky enough to be attending Derby Day and I can't wait!

Below are my plus size picks, perfecting a fashionable on trend, comfortable and not too pricey look is not easy for fashionistas to achieve so plan ahead, classic cuts, with some added colour and comfortable shoes is what it is all about I think we will definitely be seeing some clogs on feet this year, I know I will be wearing them, and a floral headband is a must this year.

Spring Racing Fashion #1

Spring Racing Fashion #2

Remember spring racing is about having fun, placing a bet and hopefully winning some money, oh and drinking champagne, how can I forget the champagne.

Are you attending any race days?

x A

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