Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Weekly Top 5 #15

Weekly Top 5 #15

Hi ladies, well hasn't Spring sprung!  

With Spring also comes lots of new Spring/ Summer stock and for me also means the start of the Spring Racing Carnival, I am heading to Derby Day and its been a long time since this mumma went to the races (hmmm Royal Ascot 2009??) so I am relishing in the hype of finding a dress, shoes and hat to wear, I am also working on a what to wear post coming soon...

  1. Mimco Simple Math Pump - $249.  Gahhh these shoes are amazing, I have visions of wearing these everywhere, but back to reality I don't have anywhere to wear them!
  2. Nivea In Shower Rich Body Lotion - $9.00 (approx).  Spotted this and thought I would give it a go and it actually works, my skin felt fab and if your lazy like me and never EVER moisturize your body it is perfect.
  3. MODA Woven Front Top - $31.20 (on sale). Great floral pattern and colours, bang on trend.
  4. Gorman One Direction Socks - $16.00.  Can I pull off the clog and sock look??
  5. ASOS Curve Shield Chain Necklace - $54.36.  I saw a woman only last week wearing a shield necklace and thought it was definitely the type of necklace you keep and wear forever, lucky for me I stumbled on this baby. 
x A 

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