Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Forever 21+ & US Shipping Review

Hey gals,

Recently I made my first purchase from Forever 21, a US based clothing company, I had heard they had some cool stuff in their plus size range so I clicked on over one Sunday afternoon.  I immediately fell in love with some of their items, so what did I buy?? Apologies for the not so great photos.

My first purchase was this LOVE jumper I went with size 3x after some recommendations from the Aussie Curves girls, its a perfect fit, right length and good material as well.

My next item was this RSVP t-shirt with pleather sleeves, it too is a great length and I love the pleather sleeves only downside is that its a little thin but for the cost which was $17.50 US I believe you mostly get what you pay for these days. 

So now to talk about my shipping experience, when I made my way to the checkout I nearly fell off my chair postage was RIDICULOUS I was looking at $35 US to post two things to oz, it was actually more than what my two items put together cost! At the risk of not having these items in my wardrobe and there possibly being a cheaper method to get them here I had a look around for a US mail forwarding company. 

There are an array of companies out there and I decided to go with My US, they offer different options for the type of shopper you are.  To sign up and get my own US shipping address I had to pay $10. Instantly I was given my own US shipping address to use at check out.  My total Forever 21 order came to $42.33 US this included $6.95 postage fee for within the US.

It took about 4 days for the parcel to get to my US address, I very promptly got emails from My US letting my know they had received a package and what it contained and from there I had to decide the following, if I wanted them to take pictures for me to see (at a fee), ask them to return the items or get them forwarded on to Australia.  I went straight ahead and got them shipped on.  The My US account is linked to your Paypal and I was on holiday at the time so was navigated it all from my iPhone very easily.  A few days later I checked my Paypal account and the postage was a staggering $41.58.  I nearly died, anyway my package arrived in record time (4 days) which I was very impressed with. 

All in all I spent a total of $51.58 with My US then another $6.95 at Forever 21, I was impressed with their service but at the end of the day I wasn't too worried about receiving my goods fast it was the cost I was concerned about.  My US use DHL for parcel delivery so unfortunately you can't opt for a cheaper shipping method.  I guess I know for next time!

Have you ever used a US shipping company to forward on goods from America?  

x A


  1. Its a shame sometimes the shipping is so expensive. We have one of those forward shipping companies here in NZ. Am going to give that one a try soon :)

    1. I know, maybe one day they will drop, with the growing demands of international fashion it might be the case! Let me know how you go with your shipping company x

  2. Try comgateway.com
    They are free to join then charge US$24 for the first 500g and US$4 for every 500g after. Heaps cheaper.
    You also have up to a month to collect packages and then you can have them repackage them into a more compact package and post them.
    They also do express or regular post, with regular taking about 8 days to arrive. :)

    Best option for next time x

    1. Thanks Sarah that sounds totally reasonable and exactly what I was after! x