Sunday, 15 September 2013

Aussie Curves: $50 outfit

Getting an outfit for $50 doesn't sound like an easy thing to do nowadays, although with the likes of Kmart, Best & Less and Target it is getting a little easier but their plus size range in minimal, VERY minimal and in my opinion not always that flattering or the greatest of quality.  

Before I put my foot in my mouth though I want to introduce to you a trusty fav of mine these days which totals a whole $4, yep you can't even buy a block of Cadbury for that!

At Kmart you can get basic black and white and various other coloured t-shirts for $4 and literally every time I go to Kmart I buy one!  I have found them so versatile, the white one go great with my black work blazer and a bit of bling as does the black one seen here with a pair of jeans and some clogs.  Today I had a stall at a Kids Market and just threw a denim shirt over the top and I was ready to roll.

T-shirt: Kmart - $4
Jeans: Autograph - $10 (on sale)
Clogs: Target - $30

So with my bargain t-shirt, a pair of jeans that I got insanely cheap from an Autograph outlet and a new pair of patent clogs from Target (I couldn't resist them even if they last 10 wears) I came in under budget (just). 

Back to the shoes, we all know clogs are massive this season as they were last summer and for $30 you can't really go wrong they also come in coral too. 

Do you have any cheap essential items you can let me in on? 

x A


  1. OMG! I love and need those clogs!!!!

    1. Kerry get two pairs, seriously for $30 you can't go wrong and so comfy for Target shoes!

  2. Cute! $4 for a t shirt, what a bargain!

    1. I am going to end up with a whole cupboard full at this rate!!!

  3. Such a cute outfit. You look adorable.

  4. Those tees are such a bargain. Both myself and my staff wear them as a bit of a staple.