Friday, 12 July 2013

Weekly Top 5 #12

Weekly Top 5 #12

A few weeks ago my skin was dry and my feet were cold, not anymore!!! 

  1. Clarins Double Serum - $90.  My skin drank this serum, fantastic product and hopefully keeps those wrinkles away.
  2. Jo Mercer Anushka boot - $189.95.  These boots are really the most comfortable shoes I have worn in a long time, with the cut outs so versatile for winter and summer. 
  3. Sarah & Sebastian Pinky Swear ring - $150.  This ring is stamped on the inside, such a cool ring too add a bit of bling to your pinky. 
  4. MODA Target White t-shirt - $5.  More often than not these days I am reaching for a plain t-shirt to style my outfit, at $5 who cares if it lasts one wear, wardrobe essential in deed.
  5. Witchery Prism Hair Tie - $14.95.  I love funky hair ties but I hate when they break, this one is nice and pretty for a pony dress up. 
x A

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