Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Harlow Studio 54 Bomber Jacket

This Studio 54 Bomber Jacket needs no introduction... it is fun, it is sexy and it is blingy and it is from Harlow.

I had been eyeing this beauty off for weeks and as quick as the 30% off email hit my inbox at EFY this was in my basket, paid for and literally on its way within hours.

All weekend as I awaited its arrival on Monday I had thoughts of what if it doesn't fit, what if it is too tight and short, what if it is scratchy, what if I don't look as glamorous as the model wearing it, so on and so on.

Anyway I got the email to say I had a package for collection and never had I moved so quick on Monday morning. This jacket was the opposite to everything I had imagined, perfect length and fit, not one bit scratchy and I felt every bit as glamorous.

Even on a sad rainy winter's day this jacket made everything all the bit brighter.  When I envisaged taking pictures of this jacket I had imagined sunshine and sunglasses but alas I couldn't wait until summer!

I have styled this exactly as I wore it out the day after I received it, pleather trim pants, buckle boots and a blue peplum, it also rocks with a white t-shirt and ponte pants or a midi dress.  Also great for Michael Jackson impersonations see my Instagram link on right of page for a picture!

The inside of the jacket has a soft jersey so literally you cannot feel one sequin and can easily be worn in winter over a knit or on a warm summer's night over a singlet.  It also boasts a sturdy zip and comfortable hems.

My first purchase from Harlow was a show stopper and can't wait to see what else they have in store for us bigger beauties.  If you get the chance pop along to their studio openings in Melbourne, I got to have a touch and feel earlier this year at the Hey Fatty and Friends market and it was worth the 40 minute drive just to see Harlow garments up close.

Are you digging the blingy bomber as much as me?

x A


  1. Gorgeous, looks great on you!
    I'm tempted now I know not scratchy lol

    1. Thank you! Seriously get it, you won't be disappointed :)