Monday, 22 July 2013

Empties #1

Welcome to my first empties post, I have been using these products for a good 6 months or more so can seriously vouch on their effectiveness.

My skin is very combination, oily t-zone, large pores, dry patches and sensitive to some products, a total mix bag!

Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation 30ml - RRP $60

I bought this foundation in April 2012 so it has lasted me beyond a year. I wear foundation every week day and occasionally on weekends, I don't wear a lot but like coverage from my blemishes and a smooth finish.  It has been a great product and have purchased another bottle, I get great coverage and it goes easily with my hands and feels super silky, it has a pump action so it is easy to get the exact amount that you want so no wastage.  It also lasts all day long and has SPF 10 which is great for me as I always hate putting sunscreen on over my foundation.

Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate 30ml - RRP $90

Purchased in October 2012 when I was after something to cure a re-occurring dry patch on my cheek which I think was a combination of moving back to Australia from the UK and the change in temperatures and pollution etc.

Initially I felt it wasn't curing my problem quick enough, it is a watery serum and it has a glass dropper which isn't very practical.  I persisted with it and about a month later my patch had vanished. With this product unlike other serums I have used it just didn't feel like my skin drank it and didn't give me that silky smooth feeling.  I used it until the end so it wasn't all bad but I just didn't feel 100% about it so not convinced I would purchased again.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser 200ml - $18.95

I have been using The Body Shop products for years, well ever since my Mum starting doing The Body Shop at home parties some 15 years ago, I don't believe there is a product I have tried that I didn't like.  I bought this in a travel size for throwing in my make up bag and it is great, really creamy and leaves my skin feeling really clean and make up free.  I like it because of that creamy feeling so after the shower my skin doesn't feel like it has had every drop of moisture sucked out of it.  If you are in the market for a basic no frills cleanser then this is fantastic.

The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask 100ml - $28.95

This is a sample pot I was given last week, little did the sales assistant know I already own a tube but it was a good excuse to give my face a good hydrate.  This mask is the only face mask I can use on my sometimes sensitive skin, any others I am left screaming to try and wipe off.  It is really thick and it literally warms up as soon as it touches your skin.  It is a really deep cleaning mask so gets rid of any dirt in your pores and makes them appear less visible.  I love my skin after a mask, when I was pregnant I used to do one every week, these days it is about every 6 months, naughty naughty.

Have you tried any of these products?  What are your reviews?

x A

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