Saturday, 8 June 2013

Aussie Curves: Spike

The feature of my spike post this week are my spike shoes, I feel a bit punk in these and they incorporate everything I love about shoes, flat, leather and no laces and best of all I picked these up at Wittner about a month ago for a whopping half price which meant I could buy another pair but that's another story. 

I have had a heavy shopping month with all the sales on so I am also wearing my pleather trim trousers from City Chic (totally in love with these) and a super warm cardigan with pleather trim pockets from Jacqui E.  I had a voucher from Sussan so grabbed this casual chevron top as well.  Super comfortable outfit and ready to rock on! 

x A


  1. Thanks! I am still trying to wear them in, thank god they are leather so will stretch!

  2. OH! I love this outfit and those shoes are amazing, I want them!!

  3. You look great! LOVE this outfit and would gladly take the entire lot of your hands if you need me to. Always happy to help. Haha.

    1. Maybe we could do a swap?? :)