Sunday, 2 June 2013

Aussie Curves: Green

Green week, I have been waiting for you since I started Aussie Curves!  My green jeans are the star here, actually they are jeggings and I am totally in love with them, so much I try not to wear them so they don't wear out, stupid hey!  I got these beauties from Dorothy Perkins over 12 months ago and it was a huge out of comfort zone purchase, Amara in green jeans, she never did such a thing!  

Dorothy Perkins do the best jeggings, they have an array of colours at any one time, I have 4 other pairs, they are ultra comfy and best of all are elastic waist.  


About 6 years ago I once bought a jumper from Sportsgirl that was bright green and I wore it to shreds literally, I loved that jumper so much I think I cried when it went to the bin.  Give us more green fashion designers!!!

Creepy eye picture

So happy I got to pull these out for a blog post and share with you ladies. 

x A


  1. The jeggings look brilliant. Love the color.
    My sister was wearing an almost identical pair yesterday that I was fawning over.

  2. Jeggings are SO COMFY! Love the shade of green too!! :)

  3. GREAT outfit! LOVE. You look amazing and this is something I'd happily pinch and wear every single bit of.

  4. Thanks ladies, Dorothy Perkins jeggings are amazing, I seriously wish I invested in another pair this colour! x