Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Aussie Curves: Boho

Initially for this post I was thinking of wearing my chiffon sleeved top with my fur gilet but alas thought it was too 60s for boho (picture daisy chains and Woodstock) so instead have channelled my inner Glastonbury with combat boots and a maxi skirt so this is what I put together for a winter boho.  

Jumper:  Sussan (2013)
Skirt:  Kmart (summer 2013)
Boots:  Dorothy Perkins (2010)
Gilet:  New Look (2010)
Hat:  H&M (2010)

I am totally in love with my fur gilet, every time I wear it people comment saying I look really cozy and that's because I am either cozy or going for the bear look although my son thinks it is a cat! Roarrrrr 

I didn't think I could pull off boho but surprisingly I don't actually mind the look, could definitely wear this on a winter weekend out with the boys. 

x A


  1. That jacket is amazing! Looking great! :) xx

  2. I love it! It's a great outfit and the bear/cat look vest is great. ;)

  3. That hat is great! You're rocking this look. :-)

  4. Thanks ladies, I can't live without the vest now, love it! x

  5. The furry vest! haha, so 60s/70s. Just great.

  6. That hat is just adorable. Love it.