Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Online Haul

My fingers have been busy clicking away the past few weeks and believe it or not my legs even got a work out.

This is what I have managed to put into my wardrobe.

I hit up the ASOS sale not once but twice, first time I picked up this ASOS Oversize top with frill, I loved it so much in black I had to buy it in grey when it was an extra 10% off.  I love oversize tops and with the frill gives it a little extra.  It is polyester so washes up no problem. 

Top:  ASOS
Pants:  Dream Diva
Shoes:  Joanne Mercer

I also grabbed these two tops as well, I love peplums so couldn't resist this striped one as it had been in my shopping bag for awhile.  It is jersey material so super stretchy and comfortable to wear and washes up nicely.

Peplum:  ASOS
Pants:  Dream Diva (as above)
Loafers:  Zara

Fox t-shirt:  ASOS

Foxy Cleopatra t-shirt grabbed my attention, I like quirky tops, my husband hates them so that makes me want to purchase them even more, evil wifey!  I rock mine with a pair of cons and black jeans.  Washed up ok, the material is quiet thin so I don't think it will last very long but it was cheap as chips. 

I  walked into Jay Jays last week when they had all their knits for $20.  I don't really shop there that often as their sizing doesn't tend to go large.  I really liked this jumper and for $20 it was a steal for casual Fridays or weekend adventures. 

Jumper:  Jay Jays
Pants:  Dream Diva (as above)

My last purchase were the Dream Diva Pleather trim pants that I have been lusting over for months, they finally arrived back in stock. I clicked away quickly and they arrived within a few days.

 The trouble with online shopping is you can't really feel or see what the fabric is like, these arrived and I was a little disappointed, from the picture on their website I thought they would be thick alas they are bengaline, so it is no fault of my own for not reading the description so they are swishy noisy pants, but I do still love them as you can see I am wearing them in nearly every picture above.  If you want your own pair you can get them here

Last week was really hectic so I didn't manage to do my weekly top 5 so apologies for anyone who missed it, it will be back this week :) 

x A

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