Sunday, 26 May 2013

Lust Have It! April

Yay my Lust Have It! April box came full of goodies as usual and some fantastic products I will be using every drop of.
  1. Molton Brown Patchouli & Saffron Body Wash RRP $49.95, 300ml (received 30ml)
  2. Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo & Thickening Conditioner RRP $49.95 each, 200ml (received 10ml) 
  3. Gosh Cosmetics Mono Eye Shadow RRP $16
  4. Rachel K Mineral Colour Control CC Cream RRP $39, 50ml (received 4 tester packets)
  5. Pink Tiger & Duri Cosmetics Nail Tools & Gauze Wipes
  6. Paula's Choice Skincare Skin Recovery Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum RRP $57.80
The Molton Brown body wash is devine, I have used Molton Brown before but nothing has smelt like this, hefty price tag for a whole bottle but it is nice to feel a bit lush once in awhile.

I have never used Aveda hair products before but have often seen them in salons, I have oily hair so am very skeptical when it comes to salon bought hair shampoos.  The Shampoo did nothing for my hair, it doesn't foam like normal store bough shampoos, I know that means it is full of chemicals but I want my hair feeling clean, that being said the conditioner was nice but it left my hair still feeling unwashed and also looked a little unwashed underneath.

This morning I tried the Rachel K CC cream, I haven't tried these famous BB creams yet let alone a CC cream yet I was intrigued and had no idea how to use it!  This cream is said to combine the benefits of a BB cream boasting better colour control and enhancing complexion and improving texture and balancing skin tone.  The packet doesn't say how to apply so I just put my normal moisturiser on and then put this one top like putting on foundation as it has a beige colour to it.  I was really surprised and happy with the results, great for a Sunday when you don't want to wear make up and it removed red marks and made my pores appear smaller, so all in all I would buy a CC cream.

My skin in winter often gets dry and thirsty as with many people so I use a serum in winter, I gave the Paula's Choice one a crack one night after having a shower, it has an oily texture but my skin drank it within minutes and it felt lovely, I then used it one morning under make up and had the same result, I will definitely be using every drop of this bottle and it is worth $57.80 not bad for the $20 I spent on the box.

A Gosh Cosmetics black eye shadow and and Pink Tiger nail file and gauze wipes also came in the box, both very handy items to have, and was so glad it was a black eye shadow as everyone can wear a black eye shadow.

My May box just arrived on Friday and included a full size Nude by Nature Pawpaw ointment.

x A

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