Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Aussie Curves: Timesaver

This weeks Aussie Curves is Timesaver.  Now I am all about the time saving, I work full time and have a 2 year old son, I don't have time to dry my hair let alone spend more than 3 minutes thinking about what to wear so everything about my appearance is time saving. 

This is how I get out the door fast looking and feeling great even if my hair is still wet...

Jewellery I feel naked without it, even if I am going to the shops in my trackies I have to put earrings on, I know I am weird.  I also have an amazing husband who spoils me with blue boxes. You can make any outfit look glam instantly with a bit of bling!

Hair accessories, clip it half up half down, tie in a bun, push back fringe with a headband, so easy to glam yourself up with something in your hair especially as I tie mine up so much.  No time for straightening use one of these and we are off!

Peplum -  M&S, Trousers - Dorthy Perkins

Floral or printed trousers, these are my favourites, I own a few pairs of floral print trousers.  If you can't for 30 seconds begin to think about what to wear put on a pair of patterned trousers, a peplum, loafers and out the door we go!

x A


  1. You look great! Love those pants with the peplum. I'm a running out the door with wet hair girl myself.

  2. Im with Nat....LURVVVVE the pants ;)

  3. Thanks ladies, I love these pants, I will be very sad when they leave me, I really wish I had of got two pairs!

  4. I love the combo of the peplum with the pants.

  5. Loving the peplum and your love of jewellery.

  6. Thanks Jeanie, as I said I feel naked without any jewels :)