Saturday, 4 May 2013

Aussie Curves: Heels

Being 172cm tall I don't really wear heels that often but I do love the feeling wearing a heel gives you, its like a super woman power comes over you and you feel you can do anything until the balls of your feet start to burn or you fall over because you have had too many wines.   

I couldn't choose one pair of heels so these are my favourites. 

My wedding shoes, ahhhh, I bought these from Topshop for £50 they are a beige/ nude colour and have only ever worn them once but they are dear to my heart and I will never get rid of them.

LOVE these heels, such a nice height and can be worn with jeans or a dress, they are patent and have a platform at the front and a smaller heel, again paid £50 from Office, almost 3 years ago now and they were still stocking this style last August. 

Last but not least my all time favs, purchased in the Office sale for a bargain £10, yes that's right, I love them to bits.  

Next week for Time Saver I will actually post a picture of my face :) 

x A 


  1. Love the middle pair, the platform heels. Gorgeous.

  2. nice all heels are nice, but i personally like the last one, smart and sexy