Thursday, 4 April 2013

Weekly Top 5 #1

Weekly Top 5 - #1 

Welcome to my 1st weekly top 5!  This is where I will show you all my favorite finds of the week every week! 

  1. Ciate Caviar Manicure from Kit Cosmetics - $36.  I had a demo of these nail beauties around Christmas at kit MYER as I was excited to see how it works.  It comes with a little tray that catches all your balls that don't stick to your nail and a funnel to pour them back into the bottle, given the cost of the set you want to get as many uses as possible. Kit are now stocking this great limited edition Cotton Candy set - LOVE the 3D look of these nails!
  2. ASOS Curve Top with Raglan Sleeve - $19.13.  This top to me says cool casual comfort, wearing UGG boots or converse, I love it because it can be dressed up a little with a necklace and jeans or wear it with your favorite trackies. It is also a great $.
  3. Gogo Philip A Initial Heart Necklace - $9.57 from ASOS.  I am a lover of long necklaces. This necklace immediately caught my eye, it is actually the necklace worn by the model in picture 2.  It comes in other letters too.  I have ordered mine so will happily show it off when it arrives. 
  4. Tangle Teezer - $12.58.  Ever had knotty hair?  This is your lifesaver, mine is pink and before I discovered this little gem during my pregnancy it was taking me at least 10 minutes to brush my mane, that's if I even plucked up the courage to brush it, until I found this wonder brush. They haven't made it big in Australia yet but you can purchase them for a tiny $12.58 from a great beauty website called BeautyBay, they ship worldwide for FREE, yes FREE. 
  5. Merchant Aptitude Tan Ankle boot - $179.90.  So I walked past these boot beauties the other week and haven't been able to stop thinking about them since! Ok they don't look much in the picture but when you hold them in your hands they are such lovely boots and come in black as well.  I think they would go well with my new ASOS Curve dress and frilled socks?  
Please do let me know if you try/ buy any of these top 5 picks, would love to hear your views.

x A

Weekly Top 5 - #1 by showsoffhercurves featuring asos


  1. I am addicted to caviar nails too! I found the micro beads at a craft store and got 6 colors for what they were charging for one set! Bargain!

    1. Total bargain, what a great idea! Did you find the beads stick for long? x A