Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sussan Knits & Target Ponte Pants

A few weeks back I purchased some winter knit jumpers with work in mind from Sussan and they are now a staggering 50% off cha ching! I purchased a black one with a zip back and a bright blue with push stud back.  Sometimes I am skeptical about Sussan's quality of products, shrinkage, piling, over stretching but I don't think I have ever paid full price for a product but this season they have some fantastic stuff, pleather sleeves, metallics and ponte pants and now also stock maternity clothes which are few and far between in oz.  

I also purchased this week not one but two pairs of the Target MODA Ponte Pants, I bought a pair on Wednesday and by lunchtime Thursday I knew I needed another pair, they have elastic panels at the top on the side which hold you in and the material is very thick so you can't see my bum wobble when I run for the train. These pants will get a flogging this winter.  

Suger Coat It a fantastic blogger also wore these this week too, check out her take on them here

Photo: Emma Donegan :) 

Jumper:  Sussan - $39.95 (on sale)
Pants: Target MODA Ponte Pants $39 (20% off at the moment $31.20)
Shoes:  Zara (UK winter season)
Scarf:  Primark (August 2012)


  1. You look great! Love those pants on you. And the knits with the fastenings at the back are VERY cool.

    1. Thanks, after I bought them and read your blog post that night I was super excited and glad I had purchased them, I love the kitten heels you bought as well.

    2. Great minds! Glad you're loving them.

      Gah, kitten heels are THE BEST. Always make things look a little more special than flats.