Sunday, 7 April 2013

ASOS Curve Peg Trouser and Skull & Roses T-shirt

Hi guys, hope your all having a lovely Sunday, argh daylight savings has ended which means it won't be pitch black when I leave for work and to be honest it has been a loooong summer so am looking forward to cracking out the tights and jackets!

Friday night on Twitter a young lady put a call out for anyone who had bought the ASOS Curve Peg Trousers, as she wanted to see a picture so ME ME ME responded, I was also wearing the ASOS Curve Skull & Roses t-shirt at the time of taking the picture so I thought why not show you guys too how they both look on and give you my opinion on them both!

So I had no one to take my pictures so have done some selfies, not the easiest thing to do I must say!  As as you can see I am super casual in the peg trousers, top with my thongs.

I have practically lived in these trousers since I bought them about a month ago, I wear them every single weekend.  They are really comfortable and love how they are skinny at the bottom with a roll cuff.  The only downside is I am worried about how long they will last at the rate I am wearing them, the jersey material isn't very thick, but they wash up great and haven't lost any colour.

The Skull & Roses t-shirt will also be a new "live in" garment.  I get worried about ASOS Curve tops, when they wash they sometimes lose their shape and fade quickly.  Not this one! After washing it came out exactly how it looked brand new even better the fabric felt nicer. It is a great length and the fabric isn't thin so can be worn without a jacket in winter.

Next weekend I am doing a review of some winter knits I picked up Sussan, keep a look out.

x A

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