Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Hello and welcome to my first blog at +a, I am a 28 year old full time working mother living in Melbourne.  I spent almost 4 years living in London where my love for fashion grew even more.  I not only discovered great plus size clothing but found that women of any size can look great.

I had found that plus size clothing in Australia wasn't that easy to get your hands on and if you could it wasn't by any means fashionable or flattering.  When I returned to Melbourne late last year with my son and husband and after pounding the pavement and many google searches I found that Australian stores are finally beginning to cater for the curvy figure.  Hooray!  I have also learnt to not be afraid to go into any store as you can often find pieces that will love your curves.

I still love my British plus size stores like ASOS, Dorothy Perkins and NEXT, and with free shipping to Australia how I can I not still love them but I am on a mission to find great things here in Melbourne!

Shoes don't judge, either do handbags and jewelry which I also have a love for, unfortunately my love for Mimco handbags and jewels isn't that cheap but I always love a good sale and never pay full price on pretty much anything!

Please join me as I try test anything and everything to do with fashion and beauty.

I hope you enjoy and thanks for your support.

A x


  1. love that pleated dress on you it looks great. I have no idea what size adele is or who dresses her/what brands she wears/suits her but would love if you could post on that if you knew at all as I think she always amazing not that I could ever afford her style but I am sure there are cheaper versions and ideas that could be borrowed?

    1. Hi Michele, thanks for your comment and suggestion, I too love Adele, she is a great inspiration! I do keep an eye on her fashion, I loved her dress at the Oscars! I will definitely do a post on her fashion and where to get some copy pieces! Keep an eye out, I will do it in the next few weeks. x A